Pre-Conference Workshop Day - 12:00 - 14:30

Tuesday August 29 2023

Developing High Quality Oligonucleotide Conjugates


As the field evolves and progresses, the oligo composition has gone from very basic composition to more complex, longer oligonucleotides.

Increasing complexities tie in additional analytical, manufacturing and CMC considerations. Effective analytical methods are required to identify impurities, as well as additional considerations with secondary structures.

How can we ensure high quality oligonucleotide products are produced as we increase chemistry complexities?

In this workshop, we will help you delve into:

• Recognizing the common predicted failure sequences upon manufacturing

• Discussing other factors of consideration: impurity profile, linkers and conjugation moieties

• Additional CMC considerations needing to be addressed

• Working with partners and the call for experienced CMOs that have 

knowledge of complex oligonucleotides

• Identifying assays and the challenges without reference standards, and additional practical implications

12:00 pm

Workshop Leader:

Raj Pandey

Rajendra K Pandey
Vice President, Chemistry
Cargene Therapeutics